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Repost: Six comfiest Uni outfits A man’s best friend is a dog, a girl’s best friend are pleated culottes. From the puffa coat to the pinafore dress, we’ve pinpointed 6 staples that every girl has/needs in her wardrobe right now. The Pleated Culottes When Topshop gave us the pleated culottes, women everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. Finally! Pyjama-like … Continue reading Repost: Six comfiest Uni outfits

This season’s fashion statements are political

Repost of my article on The Tab: New York Fashion Week has given fashion designers the chance to use their influence and outreach to protest the questionable, to put it nicely, actions and beliefs of President Trump. The designers protested against the building of a wall, the denial of climate change, the reintroduction of the … Continue reading This season’s fashion statements are political